Do you Qualify for a hail or wind damage Claim?

Many areas in the Chicagoland market have been hit with major wind and hail storms resulting in damage to your roof, siding and gutters.
hail damage roof Roof-Wind-Damage

Following a major storm, a potentially serious, yet difficult-to-detect, type of property damage is hail damage. Often following a hailstorm, property owners and building managers don't even realize that their property has suffered hail damage. As a result a hail damage insurance claim may not be filed promptly.

As soon as you contact us, we immediately dispatch one of our professional claims representatives to assess your damages to your home or business, sometimes what looks like a solid roof from the ground, can end up having significant damage when inspected up close. Depending on the size and style of a residential roof, replacement can cost from $3,500 to over $25,000.

We assist owners in obtaining a fair settlement from their insurance companies. We use our experience and expertise in documenting your loss and preparing your insurance claim in a way that will allow us to negotiate the maximum settlement possible for your property loss.

Our professional installers are highly qualified, trained and certified to undertake any kind of repair or replacement at your home or business.

Claim Consultants LLC provides quality as well as unsurpassed workmanship with high-tech professionalism and experience that every customer deserves.