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Asphalt, Cedar, and Steel—Oh My: How Roofing Materials Have Changed

20 years ago, most shingles were made from Asphalt, Cedar, or Steel, but even roofing materials are not immune to innovation. A fair amount of thought and innovation has gone into make your roof more durable and more efficient than its predecessors.

Cedar You later

Today, regular Cedar shingles are a rarity due to their relatively short lifespan. To get the same Cedar shingle look today, many roofers use composite shingles made from plant extract waste material from ethanol manufacturing plants. They look like wood, and are installed in the same way, but these man-made materials come with a 50-year warranty and cost about the same amount. 

Phasing Out Asphalt
Today's Asphalt shingles are commonly made with a fiberglass backing which lets them withstand higher wind speeds. For even more protection and longevity, premium asphalt shingles are made to be twice or even three times as thick as regular shingles to withstand harsher weather for longer and come with extended warranties. The downside is that these premium shingles cost more than their thinner counterparts. 

The Rise of Steel
While they used to be exclusively for industrial buildings and sheds, today's steel roofs look more presentable than ever. They include come in a variety of colors, usually have extended warranties, and have a better resistance to high winds, impact, and UV damage.

Under the Roof

The peak of new roofs now include vent strips that are then shingled over replacing the older model of 3 or 4 roof vents. And for added weather protection, many roofs today are being completely covered in a peel and stick membrane that creates a water tight seal that permeates screw and nail holes as an added layer of protection in case the shingles or outer protection fails.

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Monday, 19 February 2018
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